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NOS Nitro Mango

It's smooth, re-drinkable, and has great fruit flavor with a relatively casual amount of caffeine, making accessing my middle school nostalgia easily accessible.

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Coming back to NOS Nitro Mango is like reuniting with an old friend. Not to get nostalgic, but back in my middle school days when Cameron and I were super edgy, we would crush the NOS tall boy cans, along with classic Monsters of course.

When Nitro Mango came out I thought it was a GAME CHANGER. Mango wasn't as popular of an energy drink flavor as it is nowadays, when pretty much every major brand has their own take on the tropical fruit.

Time to come back to my old buddy and confirm that it is still, in fact, a classic.



The taste is exactly how I remember. High carbonation with a very soda-like mouth feel. The mango flavor comes through well but isn't too strong. If you've ever had mango nectar juice (then you're a man/woman of culture!), the taste is similar but definitely less sweet.



The NOS logo is confirmed cool, and you're welcome to throw hands with me on that. Definitely an above average can.



Nitro Mango has 145mg of caffeine - did it always used to be that low?? Gone are the days where 145 and 160mg drinks have even close to the highest caffeine content. I like that NOS has a casual kick, but don't expect to crush this 16oz can and feel the same way you do after a Bang or Quake with 300.


I love that my middle school nostalgia is easily accessible with NOS Nitro Mango; it's smooth, re-drinkable, and has great fruit flavor with a relatively casual amount of caffeine. I think if you like Mango and you're looking for a boost, this is an excellent option.

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