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Monster Ultra Watermelon

Accurate watermelon flavor with the classic “Ultra” sweetness.

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New drink alert! Although since it’s part of the Monster Ultra line, which is the most consistent lineup in the game at the moment, I feel like I already know what it tastes like. The only other watermelon drink I’ve had is the Red Bull Watermelon Edition, which wasn’t bad, so there’s definitely room for another contender in the space.



I’m impressed and not at all surprised that I’m impressed. Wait.. does that mean I’m not impressed? Anyway, the best way to describe the taste for Ultra Watermelon is what I would describe as an accurate watermelon flavor with the classic “Ultra” sweetness. I don’t LOVE watermelon, so it’s only a 7.75 for me.



Monster is definitely going for the summer vibe here, which makes sense considering the flavor. Red and green design also makes a lot of sense, with what looks like silver fireworks going off in the background. Kind of a cool design, so 7.5 from me here.



Caffeine content for the Monsters continues to be wonky with this one coming in at 150mg. Typical Monster energy blend and 0 sugar.


Was tempted to give it a 6.9 (nice) but it’s better than that. For me it falls into the category of good, borderline great Monster Ultra flavors that you’ll love if you like the specific flavor (e.g. pink lemonade for Ultra Rosa, watermelon for Ultra Watermelon, etc.)

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