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Monster Ultra Rosa

Top tier change of pace, bottom tier re-drinkability. 10/10 if you love Monster Zero Ultra and Country Time Pink Lemonade powder.

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I’m gonna be honest. When I poured this into my glass and the liquid came out neon pink, I was so worried that it was going to be cotton candy flavored. No disrespect to actual cotton candy, but if you like artificial cotton candy flavor, you’re the worst. The can doesn’t help me out, just saying “There’s no better way to describe the taste than – it tastes like Ultra Rosá!” Thanks Monster!



Maybe it’s because the bar was so low after thinking it was gonna be cotton candy, but I really enjoyed the taste. If you’ve ever had the zero ultra, it has the same smooth, mild carbonation mouth feel. It has a very sweet aftertaste. I swear the perfect description of the taste is if you poured a packet of Country Time Pink Lemonade powder into a Zero Ultra. That’s it. Tell me I’m wrong. The only downside is I feel like it could be less sweet.



Can is the classic zero ultra but with a pink twist. It has a floral design on the sides and the typical raised grooves. Pours out looking like pink lemonade with mild carbonation.



Despite having the same caffeine content as NOS, Rockstar, etc., I typically get less of a kick from the Monster family of energy drinks. I felt awake, but didn’t get a “rush” of any kind.


Monster Ultra Rosa is one of the best energy drinks I’ve had that I will likely never buy again. Despite being delicious and having the same energy blend as Monster Zero Ultra, the flavor is too aggressive for me to see myself reaching for it over Zero Ultra or an Uptime.

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