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Monster Ultra Black

Ultra Black isn’t a beverage I would reach for again.

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Is this an uncommon drink?? This is my first time having a Monster Ultra Black and I’m really not sure if it’s uncommon or I’ve just never felt edgy enough. The back of the can talks about the “Cherry Capital of the World” and cherries that ripen around the 4th of July, which is getting me excited. Cherry is one of my favorite drink flavors (shoutout Cheerwine, anyone?), so let’s go.



Taste is good… but it doesn’t have the “it” factor for me. The cherry flavor seems dulled, but not subtle. Like it’s a strong, weak black cherry flavor if that makes ANY sense.



Another cool can from Monster, although I feel like if you have this in public you run the risk of looking like a major Kyle. But hey, that comes with the territory. Pours out dark red with medium carbonation.



Can says it has the classic Monster energy blend, and as an “Ultra” drink it has zero sugar. It does have 137 mg of caffeine which seems weird. Monster is getting wonky with their caffeine content.


This drink definitely falls into the category of “Good, not Great”. And in this crazy world where insane energy drink flavors are coming out every week (seriously, I can’t keep up), Monster Ultra Black isn’t a beverage I would reach for again.

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