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Kill Cliff Ignite Tekilla Kiwi

It's not bad. it's just the bitter ginger aftertaste prevents it from being good.

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I was able to scoop up a single can of Tekilla Kiwi thanks to both Caffeine Shark and Israel Adesanya superfan Justin Witofsky. I've had a couple of Kill Cliff drinks, and honestly, they're all mediocre. Despite the cool can, they all have this distinct, bitter aftertaste. And paired with flavors that don't really pop, it equates to a beverage that I would never seek out on my own.



My suspicions were correct. Classic bitter aftertaste. I think it's the product of a couple of things in the ingredients section; green tea leaf extract, ginger root powder, and stevia as the sweetener. The kiwi flavor is noticeable, but not dominant. The ginger aftertaste is significant.

I don't want to pretend to be more than just a beverage fan and tell Kill Cliff how to do their job, but bro. Just stop putting ginger root in your drinks. It's so easy.



Amazing can. The standard Kill Cliff design is already cool, but this has to be the coolest representation of a person on a can out there. The green pops, and double trouble Israel Adesanya is there for the win.



150mg of caffeine and no sugar, which is nice. Little low by today's standards but I think there's always a place for the 150-160mg range. It didn't give me a major boost, but a nice sustained energy bump.


It's not bad. it's just the bitter ginger aftertaste prevents it from being good. When Kill Cliff listens to my advice, let me know and I'll try another one.

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