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CELSIUS Sparkling Watermelon

Tastes like Propel but with caffeine! Great for anyone who's into seltzers or sparkling waters.

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Matt and I gave into our caffeine addiction big time and ordered a CELSIUS variety pack off Amazon, which of course showed up in a day. First drink of the pack - CELSIUS Sparkling Watermelon. I've been a fan of every Celsius I've had so far, with each one having a clean, sweet taste and the 200mg of caffeine that I call the sweet spot.



Taste is great, as expected. It's a simple but strong watermelon flavor that meshes well with the medium to high carbonation. If you haven't had CELSIUS before, it is much less soda-like than most energy drinks on the market, and more like a Le Croix or seltzer. Thinking about it more, it really reminds me of Propel. The Gatorate/Pepsi electrolyte water. I haven't had it in AGES but it's bringing me back to childhood travel soccer (NBD).



I like the CELSIUS logo and simple design. The watermelon logo is cheesy but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt since it's a delicious drink. The funny part of the design is their not-so-subtle marketing to health-conscious caffeine consumers - "Healthy Energy, Accelerates Metabolism, Burns Body Fat". Of course it hasn't been confirmed by the FDA, but marketing departments can't lie... right?



200mg of caffeine and it appears as if they use Sucralose as sweetener. Vitamins B6, B12, and C, as well as Calcium if you're curious.


I recommend this drink to anyone who's used to the Monsters, Red Bulls, and Rockstars of the world and wants a change of pace. Or, for someone who's maybe only had coffee as their caffeine source and is looking to explore the energy drink universe. Like I said earlier in the review, it's very similar to the sparkling waters out there, so if you're into that and looking for an extra caffeine boost this is for you.

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