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CELSIUS Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear

Crisp and refreshing with distinct fruit flavor that comes in nicely.

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As a new kid on the block, Celsius has a pretty awesome lineup of fruit-flavored carbonated and non-carbonated energy drinks that are clearly targeted towards the health conscious, fitness crowd. I also feel like Celsius is riding the wave of seltzers, specifically alcoholic seltzers since the can looks like it could easily be exactly that. With all of that in mind, this is my first Celsius review but not my first Celsius consumed. I’ve been really impressed with the clean, crisp flavor and it hits the caffeine sweet spot of 200mg, so let’s see if Fuji Apple Pear lives up to expectations.



Crisp is a great way to describe it. I also wasn’t far off with the alcoholic seltzer description - it tastes like a sweeter version of White Claw, Truly, Wild Basin, etc. (take your pick) The fuji apple and pear flavor comes through nicely and distinctly - it’s easy to pick out. It has a noticeable aftertaste which I assume is the sucralose. The water-esque taste profile makes this super re-drinkable, which is important to me, so gonna give a 7.8 here on taste.



Celsius bucks the traditional energy drink trend, can included. Like I said in the introduction, it really looks like it could be an alcoholic seltzer. With that said, it’s a clean and unique design so I’ll give it an above average 6.5. Carbonation is light.



If you’ve read my reviews, you know how much I like 200mg as the sweet spot of caffeine content, so this gets a 9.5 from me on kick. I’ve had Celsius a couple of times now and it’s never failed to give me a boost.


The first time I had a Celsius I was on the beach in Ocean City, MD, along with Cameron and a couple of friends. If I had an intangible category, this would get a boost for the nostalgic beach vibes that I’m sure literally no one will relate to. But I digress - this is an excellent drink that I would reach for 10/10 times if I was looking for a refreshing, caffeinated water-substitute, whether or not that’s healthy (not a doctor). I’m excited to try the rest of Celsius’ lineup.

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