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C4 STARBURST Strawberry

Liquefied pink STARBURST with the SUPERHUMAN C4 energy blend.

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Stumbled across the new C4 STARBURST flavors when looking for alcohol in New York, but I'm not mad about it. I picked up the no contest best STARBURST flavor, Strawberry (pink) while Matt picked up the second best, Cherry. I just know the C4 x STARBURST collab is gonna be good.



Excellent first sip. Medium to high carbonation. The flavor is super sweet and "artificial", but what else did you expect from a C4 x STARBURST collab? It really does taste like a liquefied pink STARBURST.



I've always been a fan of the straightforward C4 can design and color scheme. They also nailed the STARBURST collab, putting the logo front and center and adding a splash of pink around the sides. It's a great can.



200mg of caffeine and C4's SUPERHUMAN energy blend. C4 usually makes me tingly and apparently that's from the beta-alanine, which is an athletic performance enhancer from the research I've done. As someone who doesn't take preworkout it's a new experience.


I love that C4 is expanding past their standard flavors, which are already great, and experimenting with a well-known brand like STARBURST. Despite having a really sweet flavor profile, I think 99% of people who like C4 will also enjoy this flavor. And I think if you like STARBURST but have never had C4, this is your chance.

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