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C4 Purple Frost

An excellent grape soda with 200mg of caffeine.

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After a short vacation/hiatus (where don't worry, my caffeine addiction only grew) I'm back on the energy drink review grind, this time with C4 Purple Frost. It's been sitting in my fridge for a bit since grape, which I assume Purple Frost alludes to, has never been a go to fruit or flavor for me. The bar is pretty high though, after being impressed with every other C4 I've had. Let's get into it.



I was correct, purple frost equals grape. I haven't had grape fanta, or any grape soda for that matter, in a while, but I think that it's a spot on comparison. Very similar carbonation to soda and has the classic artificial grape flavor. It goes down smooth and has a nice aftertaste, which is a good switch up from C4 Freedom Ice.



New C4 "Superhuman" can design is slick. Bumblebee colors with the purple banner at the top and clean lines. The main elements of the drink advertised are CARNOSYN and BETAPOWER, which mean nothing to me off the bat, but fortunately C4 is way ahead of me.

On the side of the can they describe CARNOSYN as an improver of muscular endurance, and BETAPOWER as a natural superfood supporting hydration and physical performance.



200mg of caffeine, 0 sugar, 0 calories. Doesn't overly taste like artificial sweetener. Not sure what it is about C4 - I don't want to believe the marketing with CARNOSYN, which says you may feel a tingling sensation from the beta-alanine - but it seems to hit me harder than other 200mg energy drinks. Maybe I'm getting soft?


All in all Purple Frost is an excellent grape soda with 200mg of caffeine. C4 didn't try to do too much here, which I can respect. If you like grape, I definitely recommend it before a workout or some kind of physical activity, because it does get you going.

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