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C4 Black Cherry

Cherries jubilee ice cream flavor that makes for an instant classic.

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Another week another C4 variety pack that the roommates ordered to split. It's hard to go with anything else at this point considering how consistently amazing all of the C4 flavors are. I've had C4's midnight cherry, so let's see if this is the same or a switch up.



Wow. C4 has the best first sips, I swear. I legitimately took a 10 minute break from drinking it after the first couple sips to see if the allure would wear off - but nope! Still great.

I'm a sucker for the true, black cherry flavor and C4 nailed it with this one. Midnight cherry was more of the traditional cherry flavor. It most reminds me of Cherries Jubilee or Black Cherry ice cream. In the best way. It also has the perfect, medium to high level of carbonation.



Can is top tier IMO.



200 mg of caffeine and the patented energy+focus energy blend from C4. It got me wired pretty much immediately.


This is an instant classic for me, going straight to the top of my rankings.

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