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BANG Miami Cola

Tastes exactly like Pepsi with a slightly sweeter aftertaste.

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This review is going to be short and sweet, just like the drink itself. I had to look up what Miami Cola is, assuming that I was missing something. But nope! It’s just a shoutout to Bang headquarters being located in Miami, FL. Cool name, though. Makes ya think.



Like I said, I'm going to keep this concise. The taste is EXACTLY like Pepsi, with a slightly sweeter aftertaste. I looked up the flavor profile, and Bang’s website describes it as a sweet mix of Cola and Cream Soda. Cola, yes. But the Cream Soda doesn’t really come through. I guess that explains the sweeter aftertaste. I like Pepsi, so it’s a 7.5 for me.



I like the green and red color scheme, even if it is the boring old Bang design. I’d like it if they followed in Monster’s footsteps and got crazy with the actual design, based on the theme or name of the drink. Pours out, well… looking like cola. Medium carbonation.



Bang kick, enough said. Aminos, Creatine, and COQ10, with 300mg of caffeine.


I enjoy it, but I can see how the drink could be boring for people who either drink cola frequently, and are looking for different taste in an energy drink, or people who just don’t like the taste of cola in general. Miami Cola is absolutely on the sweeter end of the spectrum, so if you’re not into that then buyer beware.

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