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BANG Bangster Berry

Really sweet, but also really delicious with a strong blue raspberry flavor.

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The Sharks and I were just talking about how many Bang flavors there are, it's insane. I think it's the only energy drink brand that you can say "I'm having X color drink" and it still narrows it down to like 4 flavors. As one of Bang's many purple cans, today we have Bang Bangster Berry.



Really sweet, but also really delicious. Its got a strong blue raspberry flavor that's smoother than most other Bangs that I've had. No awful aftertaste. I'd compare it to the most recent blue raspberry drink I've had which is Red Bull Arctic Berry. Similar flavor profile, with differences in sweetness. Bangster Berry is slightly sweeter and the sugar tastes more artificial - not necessarily a bad thing.



Usually I think the bang cans are boring and unimaginative, and it's because the design IS boring and unimaginative. However, Bangster Berry gets a bump in my book for the white, purple, and silver color scheme. It's really clean.



You already know what you're getting here if you've had a Bang before. 300mg of caffeine and the rest of the Bang energy blend. Sucralose and 0 sugar.


To wrap up, I highly recommend this drink to anyone who's a fan of Bang or raspberry drinks. This will end up being one of my favorites of the Bang lineup, at least so far, since it goes down incredibly smooth. I'm looking forward to trying the million other drinks in the lineup to see how they stack up.

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