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Adrenaline Shoc Accelerator Orange Mango

Versatile beverage with smooth, fruity flavor that you can bring and enjoy anywhere.

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Sunday morning, sun is shining, slightly hungover, am I reaching for a tall glass of water or running to store for Pedialyte like a normal person? Nope, I’m reaching for the Adrenaline Shoc Accelerator that’s been sitting in my fridge calling my name.



Oh man, great first sip. Smooth, fruity taste with an ideal amount of carbonation. Zero sugar and 0% juice, but it really tastes like orange mango juice from the container mixed with some sparkling water.

Pineapple, mango, and orange juice (or any combination thereof) have my heart as top-tier alcohol mixers so that might have something to do with it. But I do think if you like energy drinks, and you like juice, then this is a great crossover that leans more to the energy drink side than a Juice Monster, for example.



Above average can design; with clean lines, simple colors, a good logo, and concise branding.



200mg of caffeine with electrolytes, green tea, and “thermogenic” of course. Can’t be an energy drink in 2021 without the buzzwords.


This is a fantastic drink, and is honestly exactly what I needed on this hungover Sunday morning, even though I didn’t know I needed it. I think the smooth, balanced, and inoffensive taste makes Adrenaline Shoc Accelerator Orange Mango a versatile beverage that you can bring and enjoy anywhere.

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