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Adrenaline Shoc Accelerator Cherry Limeade

Smooth, and not as bitter or carbonated as the main Adrenaline Shoc line. Both the cherry and limeade flavors come through in a great way.

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After a brief hiatus to focus on getting the site live, I am making my triumphant return to the review world with a drink, and sub-set of brand, that I've been excited to try for a hot second. That drink and that brand is Adrenaline Shoc Accelerator - Cherry Limeade.

With a less flashy can, less caffeine, and a seemingly "healthier" marketing message I'm not sure what to expect from the taste. Traditionally, the main Adrenaline Shoc line is slightly bitter but with great taste overall. With Accelerator I'm curious if they keep the bite, or tone it down a bit to appeal to the masses.



To set the scene for you guys it's 9am on a Wednesday and I'm drinking this Accelerator with a banana for breakfast. It's a big mood.

There are a ton of Cherry Limeade drinks on the market so I'll try to provide some good comparisons. Unlike the main Adrenaline Shoc line, this drink isn't bitter, despite having an easy path to making it bitter with the limeade half of the drink. It's really smooth and the cherry and limeade both come in strong, which is more than I can say for Reign Cherry Limeade. I described that drink's taste as a "cherry tootsie pop", where the limeade is not distinct.

I wasn't able to try the Cherry Limeade when the Caffeine Shark team got a variety pack of Rowdy Energy, but the taste does remind me of Rowdy. I think it's the green tea that they have in common.

And lastly, I think the best comparison is Bang Cherry Blade Lemonade. Accelerator has a bit more bite from the limeade vs Bang's lemonade, but overall they're similar tasting drinks. Accelerator compares slightly favorably in my opinion.



Despite not being as flashy, the can is still pretty cool. Accelerator trades the mono-color background for a white/red/black color scheme with clean lines. On the top of the can it advertises zero sugar, ocean mineral electrolytes (sounds real enough), and "accelerates metabolism". Side of the can references "EGCG Green Tea". Which TIL stands for epigallocatechin gallate... cool.

As far as carbonation goes this is definitely low to medium.



I feel the "plant based thermogenic energy" (from the side of the can) coursing through my veins on this Wednesday morning. I was able to feel the kick almost immediately, which isn't always the case considering my caffeine tolerance. And 200mg is my sweet spot, so I'm extremely happy with the drink's energy blend.


I love Adrenaline Shoc's new Accelerator line at a high level; lower caffeine, not as bitter (translating to higher re-drinkability imo), smooth taste, and catering to the natural energy health & fitness crowd. Cherry Limeade is pretty basic/mainstream, so I'm excited to try Orange Mango and Island Guava which sound delicious.

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