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Adrenaline Shoc Acai Berry

It’s somehow sweet, bitter, and has high carbonation while still being insanely smooth.

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Adenaline Shoc Acai Berry is getting the benefit that a couple of energy drinks have gotten for me in the last two weeks - it’s not Bang Birthday Cake Bash. Adrenaline Shoc is an up and comer, at least around me here in VA, as the first time I saw one was around 6 months ago.

When it initially caught my eye at 7-11, there were two flavors. Lo and behold, I was checking out the energy drink aisle (ok it’s more like a small section) on my last grocery store run and there’s 4 flavors I’ve never seen! Like a kid at a candy store.



Taste is honestly excellent *chefs kiss*. For the record I’m a sucker for acai, but this is the perfect amount of sweet and bitter, with neither being overpowering. I’m usually a simple flavor guy (e.g. Monster Zero Ultra, Uptime Original Citrus) since I feel like strong flavors reduce re-drinkability. THIS IS DIFFERENT THOUGH. I highly recommend if you’re into berry flavor that’s not too sweet.

Mouth feel is excellent as well, with above average carbonation.



Like I said, I’ve always thought Adrenaline Shoc has a cool can since it caught my eye back in the day. The lines are sharp and the color schemes are simple yet catchy. It’s got the lambda-type logo on the front which I don’t understand, but think is pretty cool. I’m a simple man.

Pours clear with medium-high carbonation.



300mg is a lot, so buyer beware. However, if you’re looking for a kick this is your drink. It has zero sugar, niacin, and B vitamins. I drank this after work and before my workout, and it got me through with energy to spare.


If you’ve read the rest of my review, you’ll understand why I’m rating this so high. It’s somehow sweet, bitter, and has high carbonation while still being insanely smooth. I’m going to wrap up this drink review so I can go stock up on these while they’re 2 for $3 at my grocery store. Peace!

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