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V8 Energy Pomegranate Blueberry

Light and flavorful option if you need a midday boost. Does not feel like a real energy drink despite comparable levels of caffeine.

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When I first had V8 Energy Pomegranate Blueberry, I was surprised at how flavorful it was. While it surpassed expectations, it is by no means elite. This is the perfect beverage when you want a light option that is not too bad for you and will wake you up midday. It has a very standard amount of caffeine at 80mg/can (10mg/floz), so the mild-to-medium kick is to be expected.


V8 Energy Pomegranate Blueberry is light, flavorful, and will get the job done. These are usually purchased in six packs rather than individually. While an energy drink connoisseur usually does not like to buy one beverage in bulk, this is a very good value for the general population who need that midday boost. People who do not like energy drinks can still enjoy this beverage on a daily basis.


It really does not feel like an energy drink. The mouthfeel and lack of a bold flavor make it undesirable. Upon completion, I personally do not feel like I have just consumed an energy drink. If I consume a Red Bull of the same size and caffeine content, I feel differently. It is mostly mental due to the light and relatively healthy taste of v8 energy, but the feeling is still there regardless.


I recommend this to people who need to get a mild midday kick and want to avoid drinking too much coffee. I do not recommend this to energy drink fanatics who are looking for their caffeine fix. A 7.1/10 overall rating is appropriate because it is still enjoyable on occasion for everyone; it just does not feel like a real energy drink.

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