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Starbucks Baya Pineapple Passionfruit

Poor execution on typically delicious flavor, bitter aftertaste, and oddly artificial for a drink without sweetener.

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Baya energy tastes as if it should be refreshing. Pineapple passionfruit is an incredible flavor guaranteed to satisfy on a hot summer’s day, but Baya does not live up to the hype. It has a bitter aftertaste, and tastes fake despite having 22g of sugar and no artificial sweeteners. It has more of a pungent passionfruit taste that really overpowers the pineapple, and leaves you looking for something to get the aftertaste out of your mouth.


160mg of caffeine in a 12oz can (13.33mg/floz) is an excellent amount of caffeine. It is the same total caffeine content as what most Red Bulls and Monsters have in their 16oz cans. The kick is nothing crazy, but it is enough to get you through a midday slump.


The aftertaste is the worst part. I personally had to go get another drink to cleanse my palate upon completion. The overall quality is also just disappointing because the flavor selection is so good. Pineapple passionfruit is refreshing and generally delicious, but Baya did a poor job with their edition.


This is not a beverage that I would recommend to anyone. There are simply better options for mouthfeel, kick, and overall quality. There are more refreshing beverages out there with better execution on this refreshing flavor. Trying something new is always exciting, but I would not recommend Baya Pineapple Passionfruit as your next adventure.

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