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Starbucks Baya Mango Guava

Light and refreshing, but leaves a mild bitter aftertaste. Great flavor selection, but was not quite sweet enough.

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Mango Guava is generally one of the best flavors out there, and the best of the three Baya energy drinks. It is very light and refreshing, but has a mildly bitter aftertaste like all Baya energy drinks. It is overall enjoyable, but disappointing considering the flavor selection.


The caffeine content is the right amount to get you through an afternoon or give you a boost when enjoying a nice day outside. 160mg of caffeine in a 12oz can (13.33mg/floz) is the same total amount as most Red Bulls and Monsters in their 16oz can. Do not expect a crazy kick, but the effects will not go unnoticed.


For such a good flavor, it leaves a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. It also is not as sweet as most mango guava flavors. Not much sweetener should be needed as a naturally sweet flavor, but they still underdid it with only 22g of sugar and no sweeteners.


Excellent flavor; moderate execution. It is refreshing, but leaves a slight bitter aftertaste. Adding a little artificial sweetener may have gone a long way, but the new Starbucks energy drink tried to keep it natural. I can see the appeal with an excellent flavor selection as an overall healthier option for an energy drink, but the taste just is not as good as other Mano Guava selections.

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