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Rockstar XDurance Super Sour Green Apple

Strong and sour green apple energy drink. Superior to most sour beverages. Highly rated kick and taste make it my highest rated Rockstar.

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Rockstar Green Apple is not only the best sour energy drink I have had, but also the best Rockstar in general. It is extremely sour, contains a bold flavor, and is simply superior to most other green apple beverages. The kick is incredible with a distinct mouthfeel and 300mg of caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz). I highly recommend everyone who loves strong sour beverages to give this a try.


This is one of the few sour beverages I have ever consumed where I wanted a second upon finishing. Usually sour beverages have a low redrinkability rate, but this is different. It is delicious, bold, and demands attention. The sour flavor masks the bitterness well and fizzes upon hitting your tongue. The appearance is also superior to most other Rockstars due to the color choices (and likely bias just because I enjoy this beverage more than the others).


If you do not like sour beverages, you likely will not enjoy Rockstar Green Apple. It is an extremely bold flavor, which means that many people will not like this as much as I do. This is not a drink I would recommend using to relax. If you are trying to have a light beverage to sip and casually enjoy, this is not the drink for you.


While Rockstar Green Apple is my favorite sour apple energy drink, I recognize that it is not for everyone. If you like strong sour beverages that fizz in your mouth, this is perfect for you. The mouthfeel and caffeine combination give it a 9.3/10 kick, which is among the highest on our list. While Rockstar may not be the best brand overall, they did one hell of a job on Rockstar Green Apple.

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