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Rockstar XDurance Blue Raz

A solid and powerful blueberry/rasberry energy drink with a slight sour aftertaste. It is smooth, delicious, and overall highly recommended for a Rockstar.

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Rockstar in general is something that has always seemed like a cheap and effective way to stay awake in college. It has never been anything special to me, and I only drank it due to its availability. That all changed when I had this Blue Raz flavored Rockstar. It has no sugar, which generally means no real crash, and it tastes delicious. It also has an extraordinarily high caffeine content at 300mg/can (or 18.75mg/floz).


The energy you feel after drinking it is incredible, but yet somehow manages to also be moderately smooth. Unlike any of the OG Rockstars, I can drink this casually due to its low-to-moderate level of carbonation. The can also has a unique and eye-catching design. It is extremely colorful, and really stood out to me as a must-try when I was initially in my local convenience store searching for new energy drinks. Rockstar XDurance Blue Raz has everything you need in an energy drink (high caffeine, smooth, great taste), and does not seem to be lacking anything significant. The Blue Raz specifically has a wonderful taste in my opinion. It tastes very “blue” to me with a mildly sour aftertaste. I would compare it laterally to any other brand of energy drink’s blue raz variant as it has a classic sweet blueberry/rasberry flavor, but on the more sour end of the spectrum.


The only thing it is lacking that stands out the initial bite. Under certain circumstances (partying and playing sports come to mind) you want to feel that initial fizzle the moment it hits your tongue. I am rating the kick 8.1/10 purely due to the high caffeine content. Comparing other drinks with the same caffeine content, it lacks that initial kick that most of them seem to have. Besides the underwhelming kick for an energy drink so high in caffeine, the only downside I see is that you will not like Blue Raz if you do not like blueberry or sour beverages. Rockstar XDurance Blue Raz is a blueberry/rasberry energy drink with a hint of sour apple aftertaste. As one who really enjoys blue beverages of all varieties, I can honestly say this is inferior to most. While it is still a 7.8/10 in taste, the mild sour aftertaste lowers its redrinkability. For me, sour beverages are nice on occasion, but not an everyday indulgence. I think if it was sweetened up a little with the sour aftertaste removed, this could be rated much higher than it is currently.


Overall, Rockstar XDurnace Blue Raz is a smoother Rockstar with a unique taste and loads of caffeine. The only real issue I have with that is that it does not have as powerful of an initial kick as other 300mg energy drinks. I rate it overall an 8/10 because it is smooth, has a very colorful can, provides a minimal crash, and gives 300mg of caffeine (plus I have a weakness for blueberry drinks in general). There are ways it could be improved, but overall, it is a solid energy drink in every aspect that counts.

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