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Reign White Gummy Bear

Unique clear and yellow gummy bear flavor that is reminiscent of sprite. Very enjoyable, but just a tad too sweet.

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White Gummy Bear? I did not have high hopes, but Reign pulled through once again. Reign White Gummy Bear exceeded expectations with an 8.3 overall. I have it ranked as an excellent drink that unfortunately falls short of elite. With some strong pros and only a couple of defining cons, I would still recommend this to most people over some drinks I have rated higher due to the unique and enjoyable flavor.


The unique flavor is its greatest upside. Reign White Gummy Bear is supposed to be mostly pineapple, but it is so much more than that. A mix of the clear and yellow gummy bears, sprite, and a smooth Reign mouthfeel make this a truly unique beverage. 300mg of caffeine will wake you up, and most people will certainly enjoy this flavor.


It is a tad too sweet. After I was about halfway through, I started noticing it more. Also, while it has a solid kick with 300mg (18.75mg/floz) of caffeine, there is nothing extra about the flavor or any initial jolt that would increase this to the levels of some other Reigns energy drinks. Along with these two cons, the flavor is unique and enjoyable, but nothing special enough to exceed the rating of other more typical Reign flavors. This is a great beverage, but with some obvious downsides, it cannot be considered elite.


Reign White Gummy Bear has a unique flavor that could be considered elite if it were not so sweet and candy-like. It is a great energy drink, but does not give much of an initial jolt, so the kick will come upon completion of the beverage. Maybe I should have rated it higher, but with a couple of very clear downsides, an 8.3 overall seemed like a reasonable score.

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