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Reign Storm Peach Nectarine

Unique mouthfeel with an excellent combination of flavors. The peach and nectarine combo may be overly sweet for some, but I think that it is one of the more refreshing beverages out there.

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Reign Storm Peach Nectarine is both quite peachy and very nectarine-y. Its strong flavor coats your tongue with the sweetness of ambrosia, making you constantly desire another sip. While still somewhat bitter, the overwhelming sweetness of the flavor itself makes this one of the more unique mouthfeels of any energy drink out there.


200mg of caffeine per can, sweet overpowering flavors, and a unique mouthfeel combine into a marvelous beverage. The can appears really cool as well, and it is the appearance that made me want to buy this while browsing for other beverages in my local Target. I typically do not impulse buy energy drinks anymore, but I was not disappointed with this fantastic edition.


While the mouthfeel is unique, it isn’t for everyone. The bitter and sweet combination can be a bit much at times, although I really do enjoy it myself. I can also see how it could cloy over time for those who do not enjoy excessively sweet flavors. Aside from this fact, which many people would enjoy as it is, there are no real downsides to Reign Storm Peach Nectarine.


It’s sweet, it’s unique, and it has a really enjoyable combination of flavors. The peach and nectarine accentuate each other with their compatible sweetness, and make this a really refreshing beverage. I 100% see myself buying more of these as the Summer heat approaches.

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