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Reign Inferno Watermelon Warlord

Incredible kick and appearance with an enjoyable flavor. Directly inferior taste to Adrenaline Shoc Watermelon, but still a very solid all-around energy drink.

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My initial thought is that Reign Inferno Watermelon Warlord is vastly inferior to Adrenaline Shoc’s watermelon flavor, but… it is still very good. Then it grows on you with each sip, and then delivers a solid kick. I actually had my first caffeine buzz in years from drinking this (granted I had not eaten much that day, but the kick is still very high regardless). While I prefer Adrenaline Shoc Watermelon, this is still an absolutely delicious beverage.


Reign makes delicious beverages in general, and Watermelon Warlord is no exception. On top of an incredible name, it has a massive kick for a 300mg beverage. The appearance is also towards the top of the charts with a silver and pink design around the Reign logo. The flavor is enjoyable, the mouthfeel is on point, and this is overall a solid energy drink.


This would be rated much higher if it were bursting with flavor. Compared to Adrenaline Shoc Watermelon, the taste is dull and low-key. Compared to most other beverages, that is certainly not the case. Perhaps I rated this too low, but when there is a directly superior option, it is difficult to categorize Reign Inferno Watermelon Warlord as elite.


This is a very enjoyable energy drink that will leave you buzzing. It has a great appearance and an enjoyable taste, as well as an incredible kick. While directly inferior to Adrenaline Shoc Watermelon, Reign Inferno Watermelon Warlord is still far superior to most other energy drink options.

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