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Raze Baja Lime

Baja Blast, but even more refreshing with a dope kick.

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Raze is an excellent brand with sweet and delicious flavors. While some are unique, Baja Lime is far from it. It genuinely tastes nearly identical to a Baja Blast, but with a better base flavor than Mtn Dew. The caffeine content and fact that it is not a Mtn Dew do raise the overall grade, but not to the point of being considered special or unique.


Baja Blast is extremely refreshing, and Baja Lime is even more so. The lime addition blends superbly with the standard Baja flavor. The kick is also excellent with 300mg of caffeine (18.75mg/floz) and no sugar. It really is refreshing, and a drink you could consume many times without it becoming cloy.


It is not original. Everyone knows the taste of Baja Blast, whether you like energy drinks or claim not to (but let’s be real, even people who say energy drinks are gross still love the taste when offered blindly). Raze does the flavor well, but it isn’t special like some of their other more unique flavors.


If you enjoy Baja Blast, then you will absolutely love Baja Lime. It tastes similar, but dare I say it is slightly better with a significantly superior kick. I had to go 30 minutes out to find these at a vitamin shop, but if Baja is your thing, then it will be worth the trip (or Amazon order).

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