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NOS Sonic Sour

If you like sour apple, you will love NOS Sonic Sour. If you do not, then I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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Everyone who knows me knows that NOS is my drink of choice when needing to focus on something, but NOS Sonic Sour highly detracts from my ability to do so. One of the main strengths of NOS is its “redrinkability,” or the desire to drink repeatedly occasion after occasion with equal enjoyment. I have consumed dozens (honestly closer to the 150-200 range) of NOS Originals in my life because it always does the job without growing old. The difference with NOS Sonic Sour is that it distracts you upon every sip. Its sour taste reminds me too much of Smirnoff Apple, and temporarily distracts me from what I am trying to accomplish. I would not use it in a party setting because it is too sour to enjoy drinking quickly, and it does not have the energy content of some others that I would use when trying to get an extra kick or keep me awake and alert at night.


If you like caffeine and sour drinks that taste like Smirnoff Apple, you will love NOS Sonic Sour. It lives up to its name by being sour and has 160mg/can (10mg/floz) of caffeine, which is in line with most other standard energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull.


If you do not like sour beverages, you will not like NOS Sonic Sour. Taste is the focal point of this entire review since I love NOS, but I am not as big a fan of this particular flavor. I will point out that it is probably the best vodka mixer (if you are over 21) of all the NOS beverages, but caffeine and alcohol mixed is not something I can recommend for anyone to try. There is really not much else to say about the taste. Just buy a different flavor if you know you do not like it. I personally like this taste every once in a while, but it lacks redrinkability to me that other NOS flavors possess.


The upshot is if you like sour apple flavors, you will probably love NOS Sonic Sour. If you do not like this flavor, just choose a different one. I review every NOS flavor (and energy drink for that matter), so if you want a different recommendation, you can read my thoughts on every one of them. I rated it an overall of 5.6/10 because while I enjoy it on occasion, I would not target this flavor for any specific occurrence. It also has a low redrinkability factor, so I would never buy it in bulk. While I love NOS, NOS Sonic Sour would not be my flavor of choice.

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