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NOS Nitro Mango

Delicious mango flavor. Impeccable mouth feel. The smoothness of nitrous infused NOS will help you focus unlike most other beverages, and you’ll enjoy yourself with every sip.

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NOS Nitro Mango is delicious. It is one of the best NOS beverages out there in terms of pure taste. The mango flavor is spectacular, and the smooth mouth feel of NOS remains intact. NOS Nitro Mango has 210 Calories due to 50g of sugar. This added sugar enhances the flavor making it more like a caffeinated mango juice and less like a typical artificially flavored 0 Calorie energy drink.


The smooth mouthfeel and the flavor not being as bold contribute to a relaxed sensation upon every sip. This NOS, as usual, will help you study by keeping you focused and not distracting you with anything too bold. You could consume this relaxing on a beach due to its pseudo margarita feel and relaxed nature. This is not a drink to get you amped up. This is a beverage for when you want to enjoy yourself or enhance your focus, and it does the job spectacularly.


The kick is practically nonexistent. With 145mg of caffeine per can (9.0625mg/floz), you do not get much bang for your buck. This quantity of caffeine will indeed help you focus, but it will not get you hype for the gym or a sporting event. The sugar also makes it so there is a mild crash afterwards. It is not too bad by any means, but it is still more existent than in any 0 Calorie beverage. The can also is pretty boring with the NOS logo in white over a bland orange background. NOS Nitro Mango tastes much better than its appearance would lead you to believe.


NOS Nitro Mango is a delicious beverage that can be enjoyed to relax or to enhance focus. The kick is virtually nonexistent due to a smooth mouth feel and low caffeine content, so you will never want to use this for the sole purpose of getting revved up. NOS Nitro Mango is nitrous infused, and therefore even smoother than a standard NOS (which is difficult to do). If mouth feel were a category, it would be a 10/10 on a hot summer’s day. I highly recommend this drink to everyone who has not tried it yet and wants a casual and delectable beverage.

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