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Monster Ultra Watermelon

An average energy drink that is inferior to all the other Ultras. The sour watermelon flavor is enjoyable to some, but I would not go out of my way to acquire this beverage.

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Monster Ultra Watermelon is the only Monster Ultra that is not worth pursuing. It is significantly worse than all of the others. The sour watermelon flavor is nothing special, but it is still a decent flavor. With 150mg of caffeine per can (9.375mg/floz), the kick is insignificant.


The mouth feel is the biggest upside of Monster Ultra Watermelon. It is comparable to the other Monster Ultras, which is definitely a compliment. I can see this drink being a great mixer for alcohol as it kind of feels like a sweet mojito flavor. I have not tried it yet, but I look forward to doing that soon. The mouth feel is also nice because it has identical carbonation to the other Ultras. The kick would be lower than it is due to the caffeine content, but the fizz upon hitting your tongue gets you mildly excited. The can is also a 7/10 because it has Christmas colors, and I love Christmas.


Monster Ultra Watermelon does not live up to expectations. Monster Ultras are generally phenomenal, thus having a high bar for all new similar beverages. While it is not bad tasting, it is not as appealing as any of the others in my opinion. There is nothing special or unique about Monster’s newest flavor, and I can honestly say that I am slightly disappointed.


Monster Ultra Watermelon is nothing special. It is a 5.8/10 overall because all Monster beverages are above average at a minimum. The sour watermelon flavor is fine, but all other Monster Ultras are superior. I will not necessarily advise against it, but there are better energy drinks worth pursuing.

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