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Monster Ultra Rosa

One of the best energy drinks out there. With a great flavor and mouthfeel, it is all around an enjoyable beverage. You are missing out if you have never tried a Monster Ultra Rosa.

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I indulge in Monster Ultra Rosa very frequently. I love the Costco Ultra variety pack of Ultra Rosa, Ultra Fiesta, and Zero Ultra, but it is out of stock frequently. When I do get it, Monster Ultra Rosa is always the first to run out. I love all three energy drinks, but this is the crem de la crem. It has the sweet similar flavor of White Monster with more fruitiness. I love fruity alcoholic drinks as well, so I am used to overindulging in more “feminine” beverages (they are delicious and far superior to “manly” drinks. Who wants a scotch when you can have a tequila sunrise? Seriously, you are not impressing anyone). The flavor is technical pink lemonade, but to be honest it tastes nothing of the sort. It is its own unique delicious flavor that everyone should try.


The pink can is bright and flashy. I love pink overall because no one actually dislikes pink, and those who claim they do are usually insecure dudes with lifted Ford F150s. If you are an insecure dude driving a Ford F150, we love you too, and you should try this drink regardless because it is awesome. Monster just does mouth feel correctly with their Ultra editions. A great taste combined with a solid amount of carbonation yields a fantastic energy drink. I use this when gaming, studying, or watching the game (football or LCS for me usually, but any game works really. If you do not know what LCS is, congrats. You are not a nerd like me). Try Monster Ultra Rosa, the upsides include almost every aspect of this beverage.


Unfortunately there needs to be a downside section. I will list the kick in the downside section because the caffeine content is slightly below average at 150mg/can (9.375/floz) and therefore does not give a strong kick. There are better options to hype yourself up for the gym or a sporting event. Besides the mediocre caffeine content, there are really no obvious downsides to Monster Ultra Rosa.


Monster Ultra Rosa is one of my favorite energy drinks. I consume it frequently, and I recommend everyone try it. It is delicious in flavor, has a great mouth feel, and will leave you wanting more. This is one of the only beverages I am willing to buy in bulk because there is really no drink fatigue, so I never get sick of it. Try Monster Ultra Rosa when you get the chance. You will not regret it.

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