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Monster Ultra Peachy Keen

Calm, refreshing, and tastes just like a peach!

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Monster Ultra Peachy Keen is one of the more refreshing Monster Ultras. Its light peach taste is potent and powerful, but does not grow tiresome over time like many of their other flavors. Although the caffeine content is average at best, this has become one of my favorite drinks to sip on while playing a board game or just relaxing out on a balcony. It is light, delicious, and just makes you feel good without giving you too much of an energy bump.


Most peach energy drinks come combined with another taste. This distinct peach taste is truly unique across the industry. It’s very refreshing, and can be enjoyed by those who frequently consume energy drinks as well as those who do not.


It will not make you want to run through a brick wall. If you’re looking for a dose of artificial energy, look elsewhere. This is a calmer energy drink, and not what you would want as a pre-workout. Also, If you do not enjoy peaches, then you will not enjoy this beverage nearly as much.


This energy drink is the first I’ve had that really tastes just like a peach. It is highly refreshing, not too bold, and can be enjoyed casually by anyone. It will not deliver much of a kick, but there are few better energy drinks to have when you just want to sit around and relax. The Monster Ultras are all excellent, and this new addition does not fall short of expectations.

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