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Monster Maxx Super Dry

A dry texture and strong citrus flavor separate Monster Maxx from other Monsters. It is a bold drink that is enjoyable once, but tires upon repeated use.

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Monster Maxx is a very bold energy drink. It has a strong citrus flavor, yet is not overly artificial. This is my favorite of the Monster Maxxes. It has a super dry texture, which makes sense because it says “Super Dry” on the can. The mouth feel and Kick are both very nice, making this an enjoyable experience that may help rev you up. With 200mg of caffeine (16.67mg/floz), the density of the caffeine is more than most other Monsters. I recommend Monster Maxx to those who have not yet tried it.


Monster Maxx will amp you up more than most monsters. It does not have the same caffeine content as most Reign or Bang (which are known for having 300mg/16oz can), but the suddenness and dryness of the mouth feel makes the kick almost immediate. I am writing this review drinking a Monster Maxx right before I start my workout. I know it will help me throughout my workout, even though it is not specifically made for such a purpose. The can is also really cool with a sleek black and green mixture. It is about 1000% cooler than the original Monster can, but has the overall same color scheme and feel to it.


There are 38g of sugar in this can making it suboptimal for a workout. It may help initially, but I personally do not like crashing after a workout, making it suboptimal in my opinion. It is also a bold flavor (which I like overall), which means its redrinkability is pretty low. I would not want to have Monster Maxx many consecutive times without switching it up. It is enjoyable on the first use, but its treacle nature makes it less enjoyable upon each sip.


Monster Maxx is an overall enjoyable beverage when consumed in moderation. I would never buy it in bulk, but very much enjoy it on occasion. Its dry mouth feel (that differs from the standard Monster brand mouth feel) and strong citrus taste make it a bold drink. I would consume this when trying to wake myself up or if I have not tried it before. It would not make for a very good study beverage or focus enhancer in my opinion. I recommend Monster Maxx to those who have not tried it, but it is not the best upon repeated use.

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