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Monster Hydro Purple Passion

Smooth with a light grape flavor. Non carbonated and soft on the tongue. While it is refreshing and goes down easily, it is inferior to most other Monster energy drinks.

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Monster Hydro Purple Passion is a softer grape flavor that is not too bold. It is meant to hydrate while delivering 190mg of caffeine per 25oz can (7.6mg/floz). Due to being non carbonated and only lightly sweetened, there is a much smoother mouthfeel than most energy drinks . It is hydrating and refreshing, so it serves its purpose well.


This is probably the lightest grape flavored beverage I have ever had. The flavor does not command your attention, and you will hardly realize you are passively sipping on it if you are preoccupied in other activities such as studying or driving. 190mg in a 25oz bottle is really the perfect amount for studying in my opinion. You will be able to sip on it for a long time without running out, it will help keep you focused by providing a decent amount of caffeine without making you jittery, and the flavor is refreshing and enjoyable. I usually list energy drinks that do not feel like real energy drinks in the downside section, but Monster did a good job with Monster Hydro Purple Passion.


Be near a bathroom because this will make you have to urinate like nobody’s business. The caffeine combined with a 25oz bottle will send it right through you. My experience drinking this on an empty stomach during a long car ride certainly did not help, but the point remains the same regardless. Besides that potentially irrelevant downside, I would say that the kick and taste are not good enough to elicit an overall rank above 7/10. The taste is light and refreshing, but I would not call it a delicious beverage like most of the other Monsters. I am actually being quite generous giving it a 7.2/10 for taste. It probably should be lower, but the fact that it is smooth and refreshing brings it up a few pegs. The kick is also nonexistent with regard to the mouthfeel, and it is only rated as high as 4/10 because it delivers slightly more caffeine than the average energy drink. While drinking Monster Hydro Purple Passion is enjoyable and refreshing, there are obvious downsides that cannot be ignored.


Monster Hydro Purple Passion is a light and refreshing grape beverage, It does not feel like an energy drink because it is non carbonated and the flavor is extremely passive. While it is enjoyable to have on occasion, I would never categorize this as anything too far above average. It serves its purpose well, but most Monster energy drinks are far superior.

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