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Monster Hydro Blue Streak

Extreme berry flavor. Lackluster mouth feel, but quite enjoyable overall.

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Monster Hydro Blue Streak is the single most flavorful drink that I have ever had. It is so “berry” that I almost felt the need to dilute it. Do not misinterpret what I am I saying; this is a fantastic quality. It is unique, exciting, and still delicious. The Monster website labels the flavor as “mixed berry & melon citrus,” but I taste the mixed berry above all else. Overall, this is a great refreshing and flavorful beverage, but not quite the right flavor or mouthfeel to elicit an elite grade.


The flavor is very strong, and the kick does exactly what it is intended to do. This should get you somewhat energized and feeling good. It should not rev you up like most typical performance enhancing energy drinks, so I think it does its job well. The caffeine is on the lower end per fluid ounce (200mg/bottle – 7.9mg/floz), but you will feel good upon completion.


The mouthfeel is the biggest downside by far. While still refreshing, the pungent flavor is too strong upon initial sip. It is the least smooth noncarbonated beverage that I have had in some time.


Monster Hydro Blue Streak has the strongest berry flavor that I have ever had. You feel good upon completion of the beverage, but there is no initial bite with a lackluster mouth feel. This is likely quite enjoyable to most people, but it does not pass the threshold for elite energy drinks.

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