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Monster Energy Drink

Monster Original is a classic that everyone needs to try. It may not be the best, but its reputation and unique flavor make it essential on every energy drink fanatic’s list of must-have beverages.

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Drinking the original Monster is nostalgic to me. When I first started drinking energy drinks in high school, I was not the connoisseur I am today. I would simply guy the OG Monster and think I was super cool. I then started buying them in bulk at Costco until I got tired of them and expanded my horizons. Original Monster has a very unique flavor with no common comparisons in my opinion. With 160mg/can (10mg/floz), it has a very average amount of caffeine. I believe everyone needs to try the Original Monster once. From there, you can see if it’s right for you.


The upside is its unique taste. Monster does just about every edition correctly in my opinion, and that includes having great tasting beverages. This may not be the best flavor you ever try, but you will not find it anywhere else. The carbonation is standard for Monster Energy Drinks, and always provides a nice mouth feel. It is always easy to focus on the task at hand while drinking the original Monster.


The Original Monster is sugary and will make you crash more than most energy drinks. It also does not provide a great kick due to the combination of mediocre caffeine content and mild carbonation. I use this solely for gaming and watching movies. Any other activity elicits a different beverage more suited for the task.


Monster Original is redrinkable, but not flexible. You probably will not get tired of drinking it repeatedly within reason, but I would not go out of my way to have one before a sporting event or anything of the sort. It causes you to crash more than other energy drinks, and other Monster beverages taste sweeter and superior overall in my opinion. That being said, everyone has to try this at least once before considering themselves an energy drink fanatic.

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