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Monat Energy Stick

Tastes like chalky vitamin water. Delivers little to no kick. Definitely not a replacement for an energy drink.

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Monat Energy Sticks are in right now. People are advertising them heavily, but I truly do not understand why. They taste like a mild, powdery preworkout with no kick to it. The mouthfeel resembles chalk, and it tastes like artificially healthy vitamin water (which sounds like an oxymoron to me). With no kick, a subpar taste, and no real redeeming qualities, I do not recommend this to anyone.


I have been told that “This would be good for women who want to feel healthy and do not like soda if they want to wake up a little bit.” I am not going to argue with that statement, so I guess that is the primary upside. It also comes in little packets, so it is transportable. You can go out somewhere and keep this in your purse, then poor it in water if you want a little boost. With only 50mg of caffeine, it will unfortunately not be a strong boost.


The mouthfeel resembles chalk, the taste is pretty bad, and it fails to deliver a kick. Most of this review would be under this “downside” category if I were to continue, but just take my word for it and find something else. This is an energy drink review site for people who want information and recommendations regarding energy drinks. This is not an energy drink nor does it taste like one, so do yourself a favor and get something delicious with a solid kick instead. You will be happy you did.


Monat Energy Sticks are no replacement for energy drinks. They taste like chalky old vitamin water and do not deliver any sort of kick. Maybe this will help wake you up if you are a small individual who is not desensitized to caffeine. Even if so, there are far superior options. Do not waste your time listening to all of the recent hype surrounding Monat Energy Sticks.

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