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Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Lime Grenade

Tastes more like a margarita than an energy drink. Smooth mouthfeel with a low kick. Overall a pretty average beverage.

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Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Lime Grenade is one of the few beverages where I would not be surprised if you loved or hated it. Upon initial sip, I knew it would probably be between a 3/10 and 9/10 overall. It honestly tastes like a margarita to me, so the energy drink appeal is not quite there. That being said, it is still rather tasty and can be somewhat enjoyable on occasion. With only 150mg of caffeine per can (12.5mg/floz) and a smooth mouth feel, the kick is lackluster. I can see how some may love this beverage, but I would consider it overall fairly average.


If you enjoy margaritas, you will probably like Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Grenade. I can honestly see this mixing well with a shot of tequila, although I have not tried it yet myself. The concentration of caffeine is relatively high, so this has enough caffeine to get the job done if you prefer 12oz cans. The mouth feel is also smooth and it goes down very easily despite a decent amount of carbonation.


Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Lime Grenade will not rev you up by any means. Perhaps it would feel hype in a party setting because of the taste, but it is too smooth without enough fizz or caffeine to really deliver a solid kick. I initially ranked appearance down at 3/10, but the fact that it says “Navy Seal Foundation Official Partner” on the front brought it back up to average for me. While overall Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Limeade is not bad, I do not recommend it over most other energy drinks.


Kill Cliff Ignite Cherry Lime Grenade is smooth with a classic margarita taste. While this may sound appealing, it is not optimal for an energy drink in my opinion. The caffeine content is mediocre, but the mouthfeel lowers the kick substantially. As cool as the Kill Cliff website may look, their Cherry Limeade flavor leaves something to be desired.

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