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Kevita Master Brew Kombucha Pineapple Peach

High quality Kombucha with an extremely refreshing pineapple peach flavor.

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Kombucha and I have become good friends lately. While the Synergy brand got me hooked, I was pleasantly surprised with Kevita Pineapple Peach. With slightly more sugar and a sweet refreshing taste, this is one of the best I have had to date. While this is graded on an energy drink scale, which I still generally prefer, this edition deserves a 9+/10 for Kombucha.


First, it has 68mg (4.53mg/floz) of caffeine. While this may not seem like a ton, the caffeine content is clearly listed on the label, which is not always the case for Kombucha. It is also all natural caffeine and sugar, which is much better for you than most energy drinks. With an incredible sweet and refreshing pineapple peach flavor, this is one of my absolute favorite Kombuchas.


It does not hit like an energy drink. The kick is low, as expected for Kombucha. Honestly, it really does not have any tremendous downsides aside from “not being an energy drink.”


This is a high quality Kombucha, although the can may make it appear less so. It is delicious, and a great introduction to Kombucha for people who may not be as familiar. While Kombucha typically costs slightly more than an energy drink, I would encourage everyone to give this a try.

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