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Juice Monster Papillon

Extremely refreshing with a great mouth feel. I highly recommend any Monster Juice, and this may just be one of the better ones.

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Monster Juice Papillon is very refreshing. All of the monster juices are delicious, but this flavor specifically makes me vocalize a satisfying “ahhhh” after each sip. The peach plus nectarine flavor is not as delicious as some of the other monster juices in a vacuum, but it is still extremely refreshing. Monster continues to impress with their juice editions, and Papillon is a beverage I would go out of my way to obtain on a hot summer day.


As I have already said, Monster Juice Papillon is extremely refreshing. The unique taste along with a smooth mouth feel makes this one of the best beverages to have when in need of a refreshment. Due to its 48g of sugar, additional sweeteners are not needed. This gives it a more natural taste. Generally more sugar would be a downside, but since this is an enjoyable beverage that is not intended to be used for any type of sports performance, it falls under upside as it enhances the natural flavor and mouthfeel. The can is also really cool looking. The orange background is average-looking in my opinion, but the butterflies make it look really interesting. Butterflies are awesome and colorful, and a dope animal to have repping your beverage.


Since Monster Juice Papillon is overall a solid beverage, I will put caffeine in the downside category. There are 160mg of caffeine (10mg/floz) which is a very average amount. The taste is also inferior on a subjective level to many of the other juices. This point can be argued, but there is not much to say in the downside section of this review. I enjoy the beverage for what it is, but since there are more categories to consider in energy drinks than just arbitrary enjoyment, I cannot rate this above an 8/10 overall.


Monster Juice Papillon is the perfect beverage for newer energy drinkers. It has a moderate caffeine content, so it will not make them jittery. It is smooth and provides a wonderful mouth feel. The kick is pretty low, and there is not a significant artificial flavoring to it. The refreshing nature and overall deliciousness of this drink make it a great starting beverage to get your friends and family acclimated and on board with your borderline delinquent habit of consuming way too many energy drinks. If you have not tried this flavor, I highly recommend it for everyone who wants something just a bit different from standard energy drinks. It may not give the kick you energy drink fanatics desire, but all of the Monster Juices are must-haves.

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