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Juice Monster Mango Loco

Delicious low carbonated mango beverage, but does not provide much of a kick.

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Mango Loco Monster Juice is delicious and satisfying when you are thirsty. It definitely is more reminiscent of juice than most energy drinks. It has low carbonation, has a smooth mouth feel, and provides a very low kick. This would rank much higher if this were an “enjoyable beverage” review website, but it does not live up to the standards expected from elite energy drinks.


The upside is the taste. This is one of the few energy drinks that my friends who hate the taste of soda and energy drinks (weird, I know) actually enjoy. It tastes like sweet mango juice that should be consumed on the beach on a hot summer’s day, yet still has the benefit of containing caffeine. Monster does energy drinks correctly, and their juice editions are spectacular. Unfortunately there is more that goes into an energy drink than arbitrary enjoyment of taste.


This drink will not get you hyped up. Never consume it before a sporting event or competition of any sort. Even with 152mg/can (9.5mg/floz) of caffeine, it seems to be relaxing instead of providing a pick-me-up. This is why the kick is only a 1.9/10. It would be lower if relying exclusively on feel, but since we review drinks with significantly lower amounts of caffeine, I cannot make it much lower that a 2/10. The can also looked like it was drawn by a 5-year-old. I apologize if I am being insulting to the 7-year-old who actually drew the can. It does have my favorite color blue on the front, so I ended up giving appearance a 4/10.


Mango Loco is a delicious and highly enjoyable energy drink to consume when relaxing on a beach or playing a game of backgammon (most boring game I can think of on the spot… maybe rivaling mancala... or competitive napping…). Your friends who dislike energy drinks (so probably acquaintances at best) will enjoy this more than they would most energy drinks since there is no carbonation. It will not provide you with the kick of most other beverages ranked here at CaffeineShark, but you will enjoy yourself nicely while consuming it. If you are using Mango Loco Monster Juice as a midday pick-me-up, enjoy your nap.

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