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Gatorade Fast Twitch Strawberry Lemonade

Really solid all around strawberry limeade flavor.

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Strawberry Lemonade is exactly what you would expect, which is a good thing. The flavor is more pronounced than that of other similar energy drinks, and the lack of carbonation makes it smooth as well. While not one I’d typically just sit around and drink on its own, the flavor makes it enjoyable regardless of circumstance.


The good flavor along with 200mg of caffeine makes it an excellent preworkout, like the other Fast Twitch beverages. It is smoother so there is not an initial kick with the mouthfeel, but still gets the job done. Overall, the taste is highly enjoyable, and therefore it receives a solid rating despite not being a top-tiered energy drink.


This flavor tastes as if it could be elite in a more traditional energy drink with high carbonation. The mouthfeel as it stands is underwhelming, but still good for what it is. In the end, it tastes more like a standard Gatorade than some of the other Fast Twitches, but is still a more enjoyable flavor than most as well.


The strength of the Strawberry Lemonade is exactly where you want it to be. While this flavor may be more enjoyable in a traditional energy drink, it remains a tasty option that exceeds most standard Gatorade flavors and provides a solid kick.

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