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Cocaine Energy Drink Spicy

A one-and-done energy drink. High kick, poor taste, unique mouthfeel, and not worth consuming more than once.

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Cocaine Spicy is one of the strangest energy drinks I have ever reviewed. Its cinnamon taste is not pleasant, but quite unique. I honestly did not even realize that it was cinnamon initially because I was more focused on the fact that I was drinking a mildly spicy beverage that I felt in my nose. I have never done the substance cocaine, but after feeling this beverage in my nose, I feel that it is aptly named.


There are two obvious upsides. First, the name is literally Cocaine. I do not condone the use of illegal substances, but the name is awesome. Second, the kick is incredible. This beverage has 280mg of caffeine per 12oz can (23.33mg/floz), and the initial sip is gnarly. I think that this is a great “try it once and be done with it” drink. If you want an actual good cocaine energy drink, try their mixed berry edition.


This was not chuggable because I felt every sip in my nose. Granted it was probably exacerbated by a sinus infection at the time, but it felt very unusual regardless. The taste was also not pleasant. There is nothing redeeming about drinking cinnamon. If the taste were even half-decent, Bang would have already released it.


Cinnamon Cocaine is an energy drink that I do not regret trying, but will never have again. I gave it a 4.3 because it is a novelty beverage, but the poor taste gives it a lower overall ranking. If you want a decent tasting cocaine energy drink, try their mixed berry. It is not elite, but it is still far superior to their cinnamon edition.

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