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Celsius Oasis Vibe

While uncharacteristically bitter for a Celsius, the unique pear flavor will be more appealing to some than others.

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With all of the new excellent energy drinks coming out recently, I had high hopes for Celsius Oasis Vibe. Sadly, it fell short of expectations. Not only was it inferior to some of the new releases, but it may be my least favorite Celsius up to this point. I can see how it may be appealing to some, but a bitter pear flavor just does not suit the Celsius vibe.


The energy blend and background flavor of Celsius is always solid. The kick and aftertaste are both great, and the flavor itself is not bad by any means. It is still enjoyable, just not the flavor towards which I would typically gravitate.


It is simply just worse than other Celsius options. That said, this is purely an opinion regarding flavor. Many of you may enjoy it more than I did. There is just an uncharacteristic bitter taste to this Celsius that made me not enjoy it as much as their sweeter flavors.


If you like bitter pear flavors and Celsius, well, look no further. I can definitely see how this would appeal to some. If you like sweeter flavors, such as myself, then you likely will not enjoy this as much. There is nothing wrong with it; it just is not my cup of tea… or, um, Celsius.

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