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Refreshing if consumed quickly after opening. Cherry lime is a soft flavor that provides a great mouth feel. Low kick for 300mg beverage.

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Celsius Heat Chery Lime is very refreshing when cold, but starts tasting more like medicine as it flattens and warms up. The flavor is exactly as you would expect from any other cherry lime beverage, but the mouthfeel is very smooth and calm as are all Celsius Heats. While there are 300mg of caffeine (18.75mg/floz), the mouthfeel is too mellow to deliver a significant kick. 300mg of caffeine will wake you up significantly, hence the 8/10 rating, but mouthfeel does not contribute.


When cold, Celsius Heat Chery Lime is very refreshing. The cherry lime selection is always soothing on the taste buds, and the feel of Celsius Heat contributes to that significantly. The energy blend is also theoretically healthier than most energy drinks as they intentionally substitute natural options in for most of the more common artificial ingredients in other energy drinks. The high caffeine content, relaxing flavor, and great mouthfeel make this an enjoyable energy drink when cold.


If you do not drink this entire beverage when cold and fresh, it gets significantly worse. In just a 30 minute period, Celsius Heat Chery Lime went from being enjoyable to tasting like old medicine. I discuss frequently how Uptime needs to be cold to be decent, and Celsius Heat Chery Lime is on that same level. It also is not bold enough of a flavor to be considered elite in my opinion. I prefer stronger beverages, and this is very weak overall. It tastes nice, but “nice” is not an ideal descriptor for an energy drink.


Celsius Heat Chery Lime is a great option if you want something more mild in flavor, yet still tastes good if consumed within 30 minutes of opening the can. 7/10 may seem high for how much I am bashing this beverage, but I really enjoyed it fresh. I was ready to give it a solid 8+/10 until I realized how much it falls off compared to other energy drinks (I had to consume another before writing this review to confirm that this happens consistently). There are superior options, but I do not recommend against Celsius Heat Chery Lime by any means.

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