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Bucked Up Blood Raz

One of the most underrated drinks. Delicious flavor, high caffeine content, and zero Calories. I would #GETBUCKEDUP any day with Bucked Up’s Blood Raz edition.

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Bucked Up Energy Blood Raz is a very solid energy drink. It has a unique red raspberry taste that is surprisingly flavorful and delicious. It does not taste as processed as most other carbonated drinks with the same flavor. It has zero Calories and 300mg caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz). Bucked Up Energy Blood Raz is on the same level with Raze, Reign, and Bang in terms of caffeine content as well as overall quality. I am surprised this brand is not more popular as I do find it superior to Bang Energy (it might have something to do with “#GETBUCKEDUP” on the side of the can, but I digress). Bucked Up was created to be a preworkout drink, but it can be so much more than that.


The main upside is the taste and caffeine content. In any energy drink, those are the main two components people care about. If it tastes delicious and gets you going, you will be happy. Now let’s get into the not as obvious upsides of Bucked Up Energy Blood Raz. This is a great chaser and party drink. The reason is that the taste is extremely bold and overpowering, but the carbonation is not very high so it will wash out any taste in your mouth and not be hard on the stomach. It also lacks the bitter aftertaste many other 300mg beverages possess, which is yet another upside to Bucked Up Blood Raz. If you are trying to wake up, once again, the kick is extremely high and will do the job. I would not use it to study per say, but it is very good for gaming. For studying, you want something with low carbonation, but also a less distracting flavor and a lower caffeine content. For gaming, you want something that will get you amped up, but still contain a lower level of carbonation so it will not be too distracting. I absolutely love Bucked Up Blood Raz, and I hope this brand becomes more popular one day. If they expand their target audience away from just workout fanatics, they will be very successful.


The mouth feel leaves something to be desired. I would be sold that this was a workout supplement if the carbonation was a bit higher. It almost tastes flat, but not to the point where I no longer find it delicious. It is much better when it is cold than when it is room temperature. Obviously this is the case with most energy drinks, but the difference in quality with Bucked Up Blood Raz cold vs. warm is much greater than others. The appearance is also very average. It is cool that the color of the liquid is clear, but the can is pretty boring. The dark black background gives it a more sleek look, but a bold energy drink of this nature deserves a busier can in my opinion.


Bucked Up Energy Blood Raz is a great energy drink that could easily be a 10 out of 10 with a few small improvements. If they make a better can and increase the carbonation slightly, I would always be #BuckedUp. With a great caffeine content, flavor, and the right amount of sweetener, Bucked Up Energy Blood Raz is one of the most underrated drinks in the business.

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