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BANG Star Blast

Lackluster in taste and carbonation, but has enough caffeine to get the job done. A very average energy drink that I would not go out of my way to purchase.

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Bang Star Blast is an above average energy drink with a lot of caffeine. It packs a punch with 300mg/can (18.75mg/floz), but does not deliver a huge immediate kick due to its mediocre carbonation. While technically a blue beverage (which is generally my favorite flavor), Bang as a company produces tastes that are almost exclusively inferior to other major brands with the same flavors.


Bang Star Blast has no Calories and there is no real crash afterwards. This is always a big upside for 300mg drinks. It is rather smooth, and therefore I was able to use it to help me concentrate on the task at hand. That much caffeine may make most people jittery, but caffeine enthusiasts should be able to use this drink well if they want to sit down and focus. I would not use it for sporting events because the initial kick does not do a lot for me, but the high caffeine content in combination with the no Calorie component, Bang Star Blast is probably a solid pre-workout drink.


Bang Star Blast is on the less tasty end of the spectrum as far as “blue” drinks would go, and Bang Star Blast seems like a blue drink wannabe. The can looks like a cartoon that would appeal to kids, but the warning says not to drink unless you are at least 18. I gave appearance 3.5 because Bang does not have the most creative logo, and the way they incorporate the red and blue is not appealing to the eyes.


Bang Star Blast is a very average energy drink. It has a lot of caffeine, as all Bang energy drinks do, so it delivers a delayed kick which can help wake you up or concentrate. The taste really is not that good, as it is probably the worst “blue” energy drink I have had. I gave it a 6/10 overall because the base flavor is desirable and the caffeine content is high. While a 6/10 overall is technically above average. I would not go out of my way to get this drink.

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