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Bang Nectarine Blueberry

A sweet and crisp nectarine flavor, complemented by a subtle, delicious blueberry aftertaste.

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My first thought upon taking a sip was “huh, this strangely reminds me of something alcoholic.” I was since reminded that I actively seek blueberry drinks, and this has a subtle blueberry flavor. The nectarine is more sweet and crisp, and is fantastic in combination with the blueberry. I personally enjoy this enough to categorize it as elite, but it falls just short of that 9.0 overall mark simply because I know that I will like this considerably more than most people.


I absolutely love blueberry beverages. They are my favorite, and seeing this in a Walmart by the beach made me unreasonably happy. Nothing beats having a refreshing and flavorful energy drink on the beach, and this one hit the spot. It also has 300mg of caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz), which really heightens your senses and can rev you up. Overall, this is a fantastic energy drink, and I cannot wait to try another.


If the blueberry were a bit more prominent, I think that this may jump towards the top of my all-time list. The choice to not make the blueberry overwhelming is intentional, but that would truly be my kind of energy drink. When the only downside is that it could be better with a small addition, then you know that you are having an excellent beverage.


Bang Nectarine Blueberry is a fantastic energy drink through and through. While I wish that the blueberry flavor was stronger, the nectarine/blueberry combination is supreme. I cannot wait to try another one, and you should not hesitate to go out and try this for yourself.

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