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BANG Mango Bango

Bitter and disgusting. Hardly any resemblance of mango, and easily one of my least favorite energy drinks of all time.

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Bang Mango Bango is a bitter and bland drink. The mango is hardly recognizable (I typically love mango beverages), and the mouth feel is awful as well. The only energy drink I have had so far that I like less is Rockstar Cotton Candy (which I currently have rated higher… Need to change that). I can safely say that I will never purchase a Bang Mango Bango again.


Bang Mango Bango has 250mg of caffeine per can (15.625mg/floz), which is one of my personal favorite quantities. Not many energy drinks have exactly 250mg (although it is becoming increasingly popular). The can looks above average, although I am surprised it is green and white with a splash of red and black when the drink is supposed to be mango flavored.


The taste and mouthfeel are the biggest downsides. It does not even taste like mango. Bang Mango Bango is super bitter and does not mask the overpowering aftertaste of pure caffeine. If anyone has ever tried to take a caffeine pill and left it in your mouth too long so it starts to disintegrate and gets all over your tongue leaving this disgusting bitter taste that will not go away without 3 gallons of water and brushing your teeth 17 times, then you know what Bang Mango Bango tastes like already. Usually there is a caveat when I do not recommend a drink (such as “If you like the taste of x/y/z, you may enjoy this beverage), but I simply do not recommend this to anyone.


Bang Mango Bango is a terrible energy drink that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It is easily one of my all time least favorite drinks, and I will never be drinking it again. I can honestly say that a 1.4 overall rating was extremely generous of me. If it had a bad kick, it would be a 1 or lower.

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