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Alani Nu Mimosa

The single most refreshing energy drink out there. My highest rated beverage to date that truly is enjoyable to everyone.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, well, our demographics would suggest almost entirely gentlemen, but either way, we have finally found it. I can confidently say that Alani Nu Mimosa is the single most refreshing beverage that I have ever had. I’m sure it had nothing to do with being sleep-deprived and out in 100+ degree heat for hours on end with no water or caffeine, then trying it ice-cold for the first time. Without any indication of bias, Alani Nu Mimosa is now sitting atop the charts with the highest rating I have ever given.


This simply is the most refreshing energy drink out there. Also, apparently women who have never had energy drinks absolutely love this and try to steal it from you (n = 2). It tastes far better than a regular old mimosa, and really has no lesser qualities whatsoever. The Alani Nu mouthfeel, energy blend, subtle aftertaste, and bold flavor really elevate this beverage beyond what any other brand could with this particular flavor.


As Jordan Belfort predicted in The Wolf of Wall Street, the only problem I had is that I didn’t buy more. The 12oz can is standard for Alani Nu, as is the caffeine content at 200mg/can. If I knew that it was going to be this delicious, I would have cleared the rack. While this may currently be my favorite energy drink, it is not rated above a 9.6 because I may one day find a superior beverage, “but it is not this day,” - Aragorn.


Alani Nu Mimosa is the most refreshing energy drink that I have ever had. It has a bold flavor, perfect mouthfeel, and delivers my favorite type of kick with 200mg of caffeine. You will be happier than you were moments before after your first sip regardless of whether you are a caffeine connoisseur or a casual consumer. If you want to get your friends into energy drinks, grab them an Alani Nu Mimosa. Just make sure you always have more on hand for when people inevitably try to steal yours away from you.

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