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Alani Nu Breezeberry

Sweet tart blue raspberry flavor, exciting moutheel, and overall excellent energy drink.

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Alani Nu Breezeberry is incredible when it is ice cold. I was highly impressed with the taste, as the flavor is described by Alani Nu as a “tart blue raspberries coated in a sweet, crystal frost.” This may be too sweet for some, but I think that it is perfect.


The exciting mouthfeel and flavor make this drink elite in my opinion. I do not see many downsides to Alani Nu Breezeberry. The caffeine content is excellent with 200mg per can (16.67mg/floz), and I like just about everything there is about this beverage.


Alani Nu is known for its preworkouts, but I would not use Breezeberry for this purpose. The sweetness and tartness linger which really does not get you in the workout mood, and is also the reason why this is not rated higher than a 9/10 overall. It also does not have a “performance enhancing” quantity of caffeine. This is a much better beverage to consume during social activities than for exercising.


Alani Nu Breezeberry is an excellent energy drink. The mouthfeel is exciting, the sweet and tart blue raspberry flavor is delicious, and the caffeine content is perfect. This is a 9/10 overall and not higher because I understand how this could be a bit too sweet for some and how buying it in bulk might be a mistake, but on occasion, Alani Nu Breezeberry is easily one of my favorite off-brand options.

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