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Adrenaline Shoc Sour Candy

Overly bitter, moderately sour green jolly rancher flavor. Great kick. While it is still enjoyable, most Adrenaline Shocs are far superior.

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Adrenaline Shoc is among my favorite brands as a whole. Unfortunately, Sour Candy is probably their second worst flavor (behind cotton candy). It tastes like a mildly sour green jolly rancher with an extremely bitter aftertaste. This may be one of the most bitter energy drinks out there. Some mild bitterness can be enjoyable in the right context regarding the flavor and mouthfeel, but this is just a bit too much.


Even this lesser Adrenaline Shoc is above average in my book. It delivers a massive kick with 300mg of caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz), and provides a bite upon taking the initial sip. The flavoring methods for Adrenaline Shoc are also superior to other brands, so while I did not like this particular flavor very much, I still was able to enjoy consuming the beverage.


Bitter green jolly rancher is not an optimal flavor. There are simply better options. If you like sour apple flavors, check out some of our other reviews. There are definitely a couple with a higher superscore.


While Adrenaline Shoc is one of the strongest brands, Sour Candy falls a bit short. It is still rather enjoyable, but there are far superior options. This bitter green jolly rancher taste assists the 300mg of caffeine in providing a high kick, but it is still about average for Adrenaline Shoc. This is a fine option if you are craving a sour apple flavor, but you could still do better.

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