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NAPJITSU NOW Full Review: Sustainable Energy & Focus in a Capsule

Funny name, crazy claims; but what does NAPJITSU really have to offer?

At Caffeine Shark we're here to break it all down for you. The history, the formula, the price, and most importantly - the KICK. We'll walk through where the company came from before getting to our comprehensive review of NAPJITSU NOW, their product advertising immediate, sustained energy & focus.


Under Redbud Brands, NAPJITSU launched in 2021 with a unique take on caffeine consumption and sustained energy. While other companies in the space are looking at a race to the top for caffeine content; NAPJITSU has other ideas.

"Now more than ever, there is an 'all gas, no brakes' mass-mentality," said NAPJITSU Founder John Ferrari. "The solution isn't more caffeine; it is the right amount at the right time, and paired with rest. Ultimately the best energy comes from rest."

Aiming to harness the power of time-release caffeine and nootropics, NAPJITSU's collection of products - NOW, NAP, and REST - contain ingredients like vitamins, mushrooms, herbs and amino acids. A popular claim from NAPJITSU revolves around breaking down the buildup of a hormone called Adenosin. The company believes that their more subtle approach, when compared to traditional energy drinks, results in sustained energy and improved cognitive performance.


Jared's Review - 9/10

Excuse my messy counter top, but I wanted to show you guys what came in the sample pack, which you can get for $1 on the NAPJITSU website if you're not completely sold.

Ok, now here's my actual review of NAPJITSU NOW. I downed the first packet, which contains two capsules, around 8am on a Monday - right before work. I took them with a small swig of water, and not that I expected the capsules to taste GOOD, but I grimaced a bit when they went down. They tasted objectively BAD.

Since I took NAPJITSU with some time before work I was able to follow the instructions and meditate for 10 minutes before booting up my laptop. Coincidentally, this isn't a switch up of my routine since I meditate most mornings. Shoutout to the Waking Up app! Not a sponsor, though I wish they were. My 10-minute guided meditation went well and I was off to the rest of my day.

I usually drink a cup of coffee in the morning and then an energy drink or second cup of coffee in the afternoon, but for the purposes of this review I abstained from consuming any other caffeine throughout the day. Here's the impressive part - I really didn't need any more caffeine. I never felt a rush or major boost, but I genuinely had sustained energy until around 3pm, coming out to around 7 hours of productivity.

"I never felt a rush or major boost, but I genuinely had sustained energy until around 3pm, coming out to around 7 hours of productivity."

All of that considered, NAPJITSU NOW comes out to a 9/10 for me. Don't get me wrong, I love a good energy drink. The taste, the carbonation, and the rush that comes from a good energy drink is unparalleled. But I'd be lying if I said the sustained energy boost from NAPJITSU NOW isn't appealing. The capsules are quick to consume, and although I realize meditation isn't for everyone, I advise everyone on the fence to give it a chance. I think you might just like it!

Daniel's Review - 9.2/10

I was pretty intrigued when I first read up on NAPJITSU and wondered what made them different from all the other caffeine pills on the market right now. NAPJITSU takes the low and slow approach to delivering their energy blend, and claims to provide 150 mg of caffeine in sustained bursts over a long period of time.

I was skeptical at first but after an extremely easy free trial offered on their website, I figured there's no downside to giving it a try. Their website was easy to navigate and the checkout and ordering process was quick and simple. For a free sample I thought it was impressive that it only took about 5 days from placing the order to delivery at my door.

I'm not a stranger to caffeine pills and their variations on the market. Caffeine pills were a staple for me during the peak of board exam prep in medical school. Most other caffeine pills I've tried average around 200 mg of caffeine, and some will mix variations of omega-3's or medium chain triglycerides to prolong digestion and energy release, but attempts at sustained energy typically stop there.

Excited to see how NAPJITSU lives up to its claims, I took the first packet in the morning before work and did a quick body scan meditation as recommended by the packaging. With other caffeine pills I will normally get a rush of jittery, cracked out energy by 30 minutes after taking and then drop downhill from that point on. NAPJITSU was definitely different. I never got that initial overwhelming rush of energy that can sometimes be counterproductive, I was awake and alert 45 minutes after taking it at a controlled and productive level and remained at that level for the next 6 hours. I never really had any spikes or valleys that come with most caffeine products and truly had a sustainable level of energy that lasted throughout the day.

With other caffeine pills I will normally get a rush of jittery, cracked out energy by 30 minutes after taking and then drop downhill from that point on. NAPJITSU was definitely different.

I went ahead and tried the second packet the next day minus the morning meditation and still had the same experience. Obviously meditation is not totally required or fundamental to the product working, but for many people it does create a calm, focused and productive mindset to start your day. Another huge difference I noticed when taking NAPJITSU, is there was no major crash in the evening that I will typically get when consuming most energy drinks. Additionally, when taking other brands of caffeine pills I will typically experience excessive grogginess or rebound fatigue the next morning. When taking NAPJITSU I did not have any excessive grogginess or fatigue from being stimulated all day. I think NAPJITSU being only 150 mg is a key factor in this as well, reducing the overall amount of caffeine I had to take throughout the day from the sustained release really helps keep the next day fatigue to a minimum, I was extremely pleased.

Overall I give NAPJITSU NOW a 9.2/10 due to its sustained energy release that elevated my productivity and mood while lasting all day with no jitters, crashes, or rebound fatigue. It may be on the pricier side but if its in your budget I would definitely recommend giving NAPJITSU a try. Excited for more things to come from them and definitely a brand to keep an eye on!


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